Designer Collection - Tunde's Creations

Ann Clark is proud to add Tunde Dugantsi, a Hungarian gingerbread artist living in the United States to our Designer Collection. Her traditional European folk art style can be viewed on Tunde's Creations. Enjoy her designs for cookie cutters in this unique decorative collection available from Ann Clark.

Each shape in this collection has been manufactured by Ann Clark in Rutland, VT with certified food safe US tin plated steel.


Tunde Dugantsi is a Hungarian gingerbread artist and cookie decorating instructor living in the United States. Gingerbread is an ancient tradition that is still flourishing in many European countries. Tunde combines the old traditions of her native country with modern techniques to create beautiful edible art pieces. She shares her art in her cookie decorating books, Youtube videos, live classes and her blog. She lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her husband and three children.