How to Decorate a Rainbow Cookie

Prepare the following items:

7 Piping Bags

Pro tip: Use a piping tip for this design to ensure the lines are consistent. This tutorial uses Wilton 12 but Wilton 8 is a good alternative. If piping tips aren't available, ensure the piping bags are cut similarly.

Bright White Food Coloring

Super Red Food Coloring

Pumpkin Orange Food Coloring

Leaf Green Food Coloring

Sky Blue Food Coloring

Regal Purple Food Coloring

Bubblegum Pink Food Coloring

Spatulas & pint glasses to fill your piping bags


Step 1: Bake and cool cookies before decorating. Make sure cookies are fully cooled. If they are warm, the icing will run off of them. Make royal icing. Learn how to mix different consistencies of royal icing here>>

Prepare the following icing colors:

Piping Consistency:

Step 2: Pipe an arching red line at the top of the rainbow shape, in between the clouds. Wait for the icing to dry 20-30 minutes. This will ensure that the icing does not bleed into the next color.

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Step 3: Pipe the orange, then green, then blue, then purple, and pink in the same manner that you did the red line. Make sure that you let the icing dry completely between each step to avoid color bleed. Pipe the lines close together so that there are no gaps between the colors.

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Step 4: Now that your rainbow is done, it's time to move onto the clouds. Using white piping consistency icing, pipe circles on either end of the rainbow. Make sure that the circles you pipe are not touching to start with. This will ensure that there is definition in the pipework. Wait for the circles of white icing to dry for 20-30 minutes before piping your next batch of circles.

How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Step 5: To create puffy clouds, begin overlapping the white circles as you pipe them. Be sure not to pipe onto wet icing, as you will lose the definition and fluffiness in the clouds. Repeat this process until the entire surface of the cookie is covered. How to Decorate Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Rainbow cookies are always a hit at birthdays, St. Patrick's Day parties, or spring fetes. These simple cookies will make a big, colorful impact at your next event.

Cookies decorated by Laura Luck of Butterfly Bakes Atlanta