Blog Awareness Ribbon Colors

Blog Awareness Ribbon Colors

Have you ever seen a ribbon on a tree, by a roadside, in a park, or other public place, and wondered about the meaning behind it? Awareness ribbons represent a symbol of support for a group or a cause such as the military, finding the cure for a disease, or working to achieve a particular social or political outcome. There are dozens of awareness ribbons in different colors and designs, each linked to a particular cause.

Yellow ribbons typically mean support for military service or a family member serving in the military. In 1979, the wife of one of the U.S. hostages held by Iran tied a yellow ribbon around a tree as a message of support for the hostages and the desire for their safe release. The idea caught on and yellow ribbons were quickly tied to trees throughout the country. Using awareness ribbons to communicate a nonverbal message became such a social phenomenon that in 1992, the New York Times published a story titled "The Year of the Ribbon."

Other Awareness Ribbon colors and some of their corresponding causes include:

  • Blue – Peace
  • Orange – Leukemia; Multiple sclerosis awareness
  • Purple – Hate crime, bullying, & suicide awareness
  • Red – A cure for AIDS; Heart disease awareness
  • Black – Mourning & remembrance for several historical tragedies
  • Pink – Support in finding a cure for breast cancer
  • Green – Depression; Celiac Disease; Cerebral Palsy awareness
  • Teal – Sexual assault/sexual violence; Ovarian cancer awareness

Ann Clark features an excellent Awareness Ribbon cookie cutter that can be used to shape a cookie that's then decorated with a color and design to match a particular cause; e.g., any type of cancer awareness for Relay for Life events.

Another symbol that Ann Clark has previously manufactured to show support for a particular cause is the autism awareness blue puzzle piece, which we made as a custom shape for the Autism Speaks organization. It's not available for purchase on our website, but may be available through the Autism Speaks shopping website: