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Blog The Anti-Brownie (Butterscotch Blondies)

Blog The Anti-Brownie (Butterscotch Blondies)

January 22 is national Blonde Brownie Day. This may sound impressive, but almost every day of the year is the national day of some type of food. Cheese doodles get a day (March 5), as do escargot (May 24). And December 30 is national bicarbonate of soda day (although I think January 1 would be more appropriate). At any rate, some food holidays seem more celebration-worthy than others, and Blonde Brownie Day is definitely one I can support. Personally, though, I prefer calling them just "blondies" rather than "blonde brownies" because the latter name is not only a bit of an oxymoron, but it also implies that there's something missing. And I think these chewy, sweet bars are perfect as is—without need of chocolate.

As with brownies, you can go in a couple of different directions with the texture of blondies: cakey or fudgy. And in terms of additions, you can take either a minimalist or a "kitchen sink" approach. I like keeping it simple and just adding some toasted, chopped walnuts or almonds for a textural contrast and to counteract the sweetness. If there's no such thing as "too sweet" in your book, you can add some flavored chips—butterscotch and white chocolate both work admirably well. You can also go with coconut, dried fruit, finely chopped candy bars, toffee chips; whatever you have in your pantry. Blondies are very accommodating—and very delicious.

My favorite shapes for Butterscotch Blondies include the Musical Note cookie cutter, the Cowboy Boot cookie cutter, and the Teddy Bear cookie cutter.