Blog Apple Butter Cookies

Blog Apple Butter Cookies

For fall family outings, it's hard to beat the experience of visiting an apple orchard to pick your own apples. Even though you can find apples at your supermarket all year (shipped from all around the world) nothing says autumn has arrived like biting into a crunchy apple picked from a nearby tree.

Apples are undoubtedly one of our most beloved, popular fruits, yet because they're so familiar it's easy to take them for granted. But if you stick to the half-dozen or so varieties usually stocked at the store, you're missing out on a world of flavors and textures. Did you know that apples come not only in red, yellow, and green, but in shades of pink, purple, and brown as well? And that they range in size from barely an ounce to well over a pound?

There are more than 7,000 named varieties of apple in existence today, a number that seems incredible unless you know that each time an apple seed sprouts, a new variety of apple is born. Even a quick read through a partial list to will whet your curiosity. Many of the names, like Winter Banana, Strawberry Parfait, Lemon Pippin, Golden Pearmain, and Cole's Quince, hint at the flavor of the fruit. Others, like Westfield Seek-No-Further, King of the Pippins, and Laxton's Superb, reflect the pride of the person who planted them. And some, like Mountain Boomer, Horneburger Pancake, and Foxwhelp, are just plain fun.

This fall, why not try an apple variety you've never eaten before? Or buy a few kinds and have an apple tasting with friends? To celebrate the apple, here's a recipe for apple butter cookies, perfect for a snack with a mug of hot cider, after a day in the orchard.

My favorite shapes for Apple Butter Cookies are the Apple cookie cutter, the Cat cookie cutter, and the Train cookie cutter.