Blog Birthday Cookie Inspiration

Blog Birthday Cookie Inspiration

They say it's your birthday…so happy birthday to ya!

Birthdays are one of life's special occasions that we treasure at Ann Clark. We believe that every year on earth is something to be celebrated, no matter the age, and we'd like to offer some cookie ideas for these occasions. Not only do cookies take up less space than cake (a huge plus if you have a tiny kitchen); they are also lots of fun to decorate, regardless of your artistic ability!

A note about kids' summer birthdays: if the child did not have a special party at school due to having a birthday during the summer months, maybe these cookies will make up for it!

Ideas for Kids

Number Cookies

The most obvious birthday cookies are numbers! You can easily find the numbers that correspond to the new age of the person you are celebrating, or for the age-sensitive an age they wish they were celebrating. Serve on a platter or as your cake topper.

Alphabet Cookies

Have you ever thought about alphabet cookies (F O U R, for example) to showcase the age of the birthday boy or girl? Alternately, you could spell the child's name with letters- seeing his or her name in cookie form is sure to be a hit. This will certainly prove easier with a shorter name or nickname, but a longer name spelled with cookies would be even more unexpected and a great way to surprise everyone.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

You don't have to stick with a name or age to celebrate a birthday. One of our favorite birthday goodies is an ice cream sandwich made with cookies- use cookies as the outer part and ice cream as the filling. We like to use the Ice Cream Cone cookie cutter, but plenty of other shapes could be used: Butterfly, Dog Bone, Heart, or anything else that's large enough to accommodate ice cream. See our recipe below for a unique and delicious summertime treat!

Party Shapes

Make the party extra festive with party-themed shapes like Balloons and Party Hats. This way, if there are any latex allergies, the kids will still have the chance to celebrate with balloons!

Baking and/or Decoration Station

This would work well for older kids. If you don't mind a little (or a lot of) extra mess in the house, how about letting the kids cut out & design their own cookies? You could also have the baked cookies ready ahead of time and set out a decoration station. This will depend on the age and ability of the participants. Older kids may even be interested in a brief tutorial!


A birthday theme will work well for any age, and is a terrific way to honor an individual's tastes and interests.

Birthday Cookies For Kids

Princess – this is great for young fans of "Frozen" or girls who are bona fide Disney Princesses! Use shapes like Princess Crown and Glass slipper to complete the theme.
Dinosaur – Ideal for "Jurassic Park" fans, especially. Decorate a T-Rex, Triceratops, or Pterodactyl, among others!
Superhero – Celebrate your little superhero using a Gingerbread Man shapes. These cookies can become any desired superhero, whether he's a Batman fan or she likes Wonder Woman.
Robot – Put a sci-fi spin on a birthday with our Robot cookie cutter. Use a metallic sheen to make the cookies look like the real thing.

Ideas for adults:

Mustache – Make some mustache cookie pops or serve cookies on a platter. This is an opportunity to create some wacky 'staches!
Beverage – For a drinks theme, decorate the cookies to be "glasses" of wine, champagne, margarita, martini, etc.; for a teetotaler, decorate a Wine Bottle shape to represent a favorite non-alcoholic beverage; e.g. Coke bottle or sparkling water.
Casino – Use Circle shapes as "poker chips" and squares as "cards", with the suit shapes (Diamond and Spade). Play "Viva Las Vegas" as guests arrive.
Diva – For a "fabulous" birthday for her, pair High Heel Shoe cookies with real-life feather boas and a tiara.

Feel the magic and savor the moment. Make More Cookies for the next birthday.

For even more wacky and cool ideas, visit our Pinterest page.

Pretend to blow out the candle cookies & make a wish,

Cookies decorated by A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe.