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Blog Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Father's Day

In 1910, inspired by the recently established Mother's Day, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father had raised her and her five siblings as a single parent, founded a day to honor fathers. But unlike Mother's Day, it took decades (until the 1970s) for Father's Day to become an official national holiday. Although churches and social groups supported it, people just didn't take the notion of a Father's Day as seriously. Even today, when you look at the selection of Father's Day cards and gifts available, sentimentality seems to take a back seat to humor. That's not necessarily a bad thing–there is something to be said for giving Dad a good laugh. If the dad you're honoring this June has a sense of humor and a taste for chocolate, he'll love these delicious "Top Dog" bone cookies. The cookie dough includes brown sugar for a mellow sweetness, a small amount of instant espresso powder to enhance the flavor of the cocoa, and mini chocolate chips to add an extra chocolate punch. The finished cookies are coated with an easy milk chocolate Ganache and decorated with melted white chocolate. Of course these cookies can be made in any shape that relates to Dad's interests—fishing, cars, and gardening.

Fathers don't need elaborate gifts to know how much they're appreciated; fix him a hero sandwich and a plate of cookies, pull up a chair, share a few good jokes, and you've got the ingredients for a great Father's Day.

My favorite shapes for Chocolate–Chocolate Chip Cookies include the Dog Bone cutter, the Acorn cookie cutter, and the Fish cookie cutter.