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Blog Coconut Cookies

Blog Coconut Cookies

It's hard to believe, but snow has already fallen all around the state of Vermont. Although it soon melted again, the flurries were enough to remind us what's just around the corner—time to think about changing the tires over and getting the snow shovels out from under all the gardening equipment. A few ski resorts have started blowing their own snow, and opened their trails for eager winter sportspeople. The prospect of a landscape blanketed in white for the next few months brings mixed feelings—I love to prepare for the holidays but I know that, come February, I'll be dreaming of warm, white sandy tropical beaches. I can't get away to a tropical island just yet, but I can make cookies with a tropical flavor.

These coconut cookies are a simple variation on the regular butter cookie, but the snowy coating makes them special. I thought snowy owls would be a fitting shape; while many animals change their coats to blend into their white winter world; these large birds are the color of snow year-round. Whatever cookie cutter you choose, decorating these cookies couldn't be easier; just dip them in a thin coconut glaze, then in grated coconut, and let dry. You can add faces if you like, or leave them plain.

My favorite shapes for Coconut Cookies are the Owl cookie cutter, the Palm Tree cookie cutter, and the Snowflake cookie cutter.