Blog Coffee Bean Cookies

Blog Coffee Bean Cookies

You probably think nothing of eating cookies with your coffee, but what about eating coffee in your cookies? It's less strange–and a lot more delicious–than it sounds. Although coffee beans and cocoa beans come from different sides of the world (eastern Africa and South America, respectively), they are a natural pairing. About 400 years ago, British explorers brought both foods home with them, and establishments serving hot cocoa and coffee became all the rage. Ever since, people have been figuring out new ways to eat and drink these two addictive treats.

Chocolate covered coffee beans first appeared in upscale coffee houses and gourmet stores about 30 years ago, and it didn't take long for someone to think of chopping them up and putting them in a cookie. I've adapted the idea for rolled cookies, which makes for an elegant look to match the sophisticated flavor. I highly recommend glazing these cookies with chocolate Ganache; not only does the glossy finish make them more of an event, but the soft creamy texture of the glaze is the perfect counterpoint to the crunchy beans.

Though you can enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee, beware: unless the chocolate covered coffee beans you buy are decaffeinated, these cookies pack quite a punch. A nice tall glass of milk is an equally wonderful accompaniment.

My favorite shapes for Coffee Bean Cookies are the Seashell cookie cutter, the Rooster cookie cutter, and the Airplane cookie cutter.