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Blog Cranberry Tarts

Blog Cranberry Tarts
Cranberry Tarts

Whether they're baked into bread, cooked in sauce, or strung with popcorn and hung on the Christmas tree, cranberries are an integral part of holiday celebrations. Their mouth-puckering flavor is the perfect counterpoint to a menu of rich holiday food and their ruby-red color is just so festive—two good reasons why we keep finding more ways to enjoy them. In this week's cookie recipe, dried cranberries are simmered with orange juice until tender, then chopped fine and sealed between two layers of orange-scented cookie dough. Because the filling is tart and the cookies only lightly sweetened, they get a drizzle of glaze. These cranberry tarts are just the right size for a snack or small dessert. Try them—I'm sure you'll love them.

My favorite shapes for Cranberry Tarts include the Snowflake cutter, the Christmas Tree cutter, and the Sleigh cutter.