Blog Crayon Cookie Cutter

Blog Crayon Cookie Cutter

I recently visited an elderly lady from our church who was in the hospital and asked the woman if I could bring something for her. The woman thought for moment and said, "Why, yes, I would like an adult coloring book."

Google "adult coloring books" and you'll find a boatload of recent articles on the growing trend of adults reviving the childhood pastime of coloring. I did this and found articles such as "50 Shades of Happy: The New Joy of Coloring," "Adult coloring books selling like crazy," and "Coloring books a hit with stressed-out, tech-flooded adults." And it's not just American Baby Boomers who are trying to stay within the lines…one article mentioned that adult coloring books now account for about 17 percent of book sales in Brazil.

In recognition of this fascinating phenomenon of adults returning to coloring books for fun and therapy, Ann Clark Cookie Cutters of Vermont—America's largest manufacturer of cookie cutters—recently featured the crayon as its Shape of the Week.

A Google search also found information on the history of wax color crayons, which date back to the Egyptians and were also used by the Greeks and Romans. Binney & Smith, which traces its roots back to 1864 and is now owned by Hallmark Cards, started making crayons in 1903 and is known for its popular 64-color assortment Crayola Crayons in a box that featured a built-n sharpener. I could never get the sharpener to work, but hey, it was still a great idea. One more fun fact: This popular box of crayons was launched in 1958 on the Captain Kangaroo Show…fess up if you are a Baby Boomer…that was once one of your favorite shows.

According to recent information posted on, Crayola Crayons manufacturer Binney & Smith crank out about 3 billion crayons per year in 400 different colors.

So plan a coloring party and relive the joy of coloring books with friends and serve crayon-shaped cookies made with a cookie cutter from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters.