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Blog French Toast Sandwiches

Blog French Toast Sandwiches

The common wisdom about French toast is that it started as a thrifty way to use up stale bread. But if you look at recipes (which go all the way back to ancient Rome) you'll quickly notice that the other ingredients —cream or milk, eggs, vanilla, spices, sugar—easily outweigh the cost of a few slices of old bread. Still, it's very satisfying to turn something so plain into a rich, moist, and light breakfast: French toast is one of the quickest and easiest special-occasion meals you can prepare. And you can make it a little more special by cutting the bread into shapes. As for toppings, don't limit yourself to maple syrup; French toast is the perfect base for all kinds of fruit (fresh or dried) and nuts. Set them out in little bowls and let everyone garnish their own breakfast.

This week's recipe is for French toast with an easy cream cheese and jam filling—basically, you make sandwiches and then dip them in the batter before cooking them. Of course you can use the same batter recipe but leave out the filling, for eight slices of plain (but delicious) French toast. Look for artisan-style, large loaves of bread to accommodate your cookie cutter shape. (If you have a certain shape in mind, you might want to bring the cutter with you to the store or bakery to make sure the loaf is the right size.)

My favorite shapes for French Toast Sandwiches include the Butterfly cookie cutter, the Gingerbread House cookie cutter, and the Crown cookie cutter.