Blog Homemade Graham Crackers

Blog Homemade Graham Crackers

It's hard to believe, but school is starting in just a few weeks. If you've got school-age children, you know you can never have too many ideas in your "healthy lunch" file. This week's recipe fits the bill perfectly.

Homemade graham crackers make a wholesome addition to a lunchbox, or a satisfying after-school snack. They are quick and easy to make—the ingredients are blended in a food processor, and there's no need to wait for the dough to chill before rolling it out. In fact, it's a great recipe to make with your kids. They can help measure ingredients, cut out the shapes, brush the milk on the cookies, mix and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar, and poke holes in the cookies to make a pattern.

The texture of these graham crackers is somewhere in between a cookie and a cracker. They're lightly sweetened with brown sugar and a touch of honey and of course they get their unmistakable texture from graham flour. Graham flour is a type of whole-wheat flour made by separating the three parts of the wheat kernel—bran, germ, and endosperm—and milling them separately before blending them back together. This milling process is what gives graham flour its unique nubby texture; whole-wheat flour (though you can certainly use it) is not the same.

Preparing meals and snacks at home with your kids encourages them to eat healthier. Not that they'll need much prodding in this case—these cookies tend to disappear quickly.

My favorite shapes for Graham Crackers include the School Bus cutter, the Seashell cutter, and the Teddy Bear cutter.