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Blog Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

Blog Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

I was in a pet store recently buying some dog biscuits for a canine friend, and I was amazed at the variety of dog treats available—and at their cost. Gone are the days when Fido was rewarded for being a good boy with either Milk Bones or a rawhide chew. Today's dog biscuits are made with gourmet ingredients like wild salmon, organic apples and carrots, natural peanut butter, and blueberries. The fancy boxes and prices make them look like something you would buy for a hostess gift. Well, dog treats are no more difficult to make at home than cookies. Even better, you can use high-quality ingredients from the supermarket and it will still cost you a fraction of the price.

While it's fun to experiment with flavors, there are a few ingredients you should stay away from when making dog treats: avocados, chocolate, garlic, grapes and raisins, and onions. This week's recipe uses sweet potatoes and applesauce, along with barley and whole wheat flour, for wholesome treats that your dog is sure to love.

My favorite shapes for Sweet Potato Treats include the Dog Bone cookie cutter, the Fire Hydrant cookie cutter, and the Squirrel cookie cutter.