Blog Homemade Vanilla Extract

Blog Homemade Vanilla Extract

Whether you are searching for a vanilla extract that is gluten-free or are just looking for a more wholesome and authentic version consider making some yourself. This tasty ingredient makes a great gift and can be used in a number of cookie recipes.

The recipe couldn't be more simple.

What You'll Need:

  • Vanilla Beans (1-8 depending on volume and quality of bean)
  • A Glass Jar
  • Alcohol (At least 35% alcohol – Vodka works well but you can also use Grain Alcohol, Bourbon, Brandy or Rum)
  • Time


  1. Slice each bean lengthwise
  2. Place the beans in the jar and cover with your chosen alcohol.
  3. Label the jar with "Use After" date six months from the current date. Our Vanilla Extract Label is available for download and use.
  4. You can keep adding more alcohol to top off your bottle. Each bean will last for years.

Some tips on selecting vanilla beans:

  • Bourbon or Madagascar vanilla will give you the classic vanilla flavor
  • Tahitian vanilla has a subtle flavor that is more floral and fruity
  • Mexican vanilla has spicy overtones

We hope you enjoy!