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Blog Jammy Fruit Hand Pies

Blog Jammy Fruit Hand Pies

Although I adore cookies, my favorite dessert has to be pie. I love just about any kind, as long as the filling is fresh and flavorful and the crust is buttery-rich and supremely flaky. Of course, the season is ripe right now for fruit pies, and one irresistible way to serve them is to scale them down to a small size—what could be better than having a miniature pie all to yourself; no need for sharing? Individual pies known as hand pies are usually made in a half-moon shape, but it's easy to come up with something a little more creative using cookie cutters.

This week's recipe combines a buttery pastry dough called pâte brisée with the easiest of fillings: fruit jam. It may seem anti-summer to use preserves rather than fresh fruit, but there's a good reason: fresh fruit would make for a juicy, soggy mess, and part of the idea with little pies is that you shouldn't need a plate, fork, or even a napkin when eating them. Jam stays put, as long as you seal the pies well, and when it cools, you've got a neat, delicious, and portable treat. In fact, you can make these year-round—their fresh, fruity taste will remind you of summer.

My favorite shapes for hand pies include the Ice Cream Cone cookie cutter, the Ladybug cookie cutter, and the Turtle cookie cutter.