Blog Lu'au: Hawaiian Style Party

Blog Lu'au: Hawaiian Style Party

Aloha, friends! We're feeling tropical here at Ann Clark, since two of our employees have recently traveled to Hawaii (one to Maui, the other to Oahu). We all celebrated with leis and tropical fruit- and one employee even refurbished a 1960s grass skirt from her childhood!

Naturally, we'd like to share the spirit of Hawaii with you all, and what better way to do that than with a Lu'au blog? The lu'au is a special kind of party; it's been a part of Hawaiian celebrations for generations, honoring milestones and special occasions. It's fun and interactive and is known for bringing people together. Here are a few party ideas and recipes to get you started.

Lu'au themes that all ages will enjoy

  • Hula — Guests could wear hula skirts, and if you know a hula dancer, have him or her teach lessons! You could also go to YouTube and find a video to learn a few basics.
  • Tiki — Set up tiki torches, and have everyone wear masks; either purchase them or have guests design their own.
  • Beach — Set up sandboxes and have guests wear surf shorts & bikinis
  • Especially For the Kids: Sea Creatures! — Kids can decorate & wear fish masks. Decorate with inflatable fish for a true ocean feel.

There are a lot of cool games suggested by the website

Lu'au Food

Decorated Pineapple Cookies

Traditionally, foods served at a lu'au include poi (from the taro plant), fish, laulau (pork wrapped in a taro leaf), kalua pork, and fruit, among other dishes. Naturally, we recommend that you complete your party fare with- what else?-COOKIES! We have several ideas for lu'au cookies that will be perfectly suited for the occasion. Many of our Nautical shapes would work well, and you can find them on our website. And don't forget the Pineapple Cookie Cutter! For an added beachy touch, before you put cookies on a platter, coat the bottom of the dish with brown sugar. It will look just like sand!

We recommend these recipes:

Decorated Tropical Cookies

Mahalo from our family to yours, and happy gathering!

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