Blog Made in America - Product Safety

Blog Made in America - Product Safety

If you buy a cookie cutter, chances are very high that it was either made by us, Vermont-based Ann Clark Cookie Cutters, or by a factory in China. Look at the product label for country of origin. Ann Clark products are clearly marked Made in USA. Last year we filed a lawsuit against our main competitor, a company that annually imports millions of cookie cutters from China, because we alleged the product was not being labeled Made in China. More about that in another blog entry... Buying made in the USA products makes good sense for many reasons. One reason is product safety. "…China has a very well-deserved reputation for producing inferior and often dangerous products," according to an opinion by Peter Navarro, which was titled "The Price of 'Made in China'" and printed Aug. 4, 2013 in The New York Times.

Navarro, an economics professor at the University of California-Irvine, goes on to say, "Such products are as diverse as lead-filled toys, sulfurous drywall, pet food spiked with melamine and heparin tainted with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate."

Inferior steel and faulty welds from Chinese suppliers have led to collapsed bridges in China and project cost overruns in the U.S., according to Navarro. The main product safety issue related to Chinese made cookie cutters is the metal that's used. These issues could include radioactivity or unsafe levels of lead and cadmium.

The metal that we use for cookie cutters manufactured at Ann Clark Cookie Cutters is made at a U.S. steel mill in Ohio. In addition, we test our products at an independent lab each year to verify that the metal is safe. Not sure about the imports from China.