Blog Mint Chocolate Cookies

Blog Mint Chocolate Cookies

Here's something to think about as you do your spring cleaning: this May 1st marks the fortieth year of Vermont's annual statewide spring cleanup, known as Green Up Day.

This spring-cleaning tradition, dreamed up by a reporter for the Burlington Free Press and supported by the governor at the time, Deane C. Davis, started in 1970 and has been going strong ever since. Here are some amazing statistics about the first Green Up Day, from the official web site:

  • Approximately 70,000 people volunteered (that's 1 out of every 6 Vermonters).
  • Interstate 89 was closed to traffic for three hours, for the safety of people working along the highway.
  • The Highway Department hauled away 4,000 truckloads of trash.
  • Altogether, 40,000 cubic yards of litter were collected and disposed of properly.

Aside from the marvelous satisfaction that comes from surveying a stretch of pristine, uncluttered roadside, one of the best aspects of Green Up Day is the chance to work alongside your neighbors. Green Up Days always attracts a wide mix of people, from scouts to seniors, who pitch in together to clean up the roads and river ways.

If you live in Vermont and want to find out what your town does for Green Up Day, you can find coordinators listed by county and town here.

There are many ways to help the cleanup efforts, including providing snacks for all the hardworking volunteers. These minty chocolate cookies would be just the ticket. Baked in wildlife shapes, they're a delicious reminder of our other neighbors who benefit from a cleaner Vermont.

No matter where you live, take a break from your own spring cleaning and treat yourself to some cookies. And consider starting a little cleaning party in your own neighborhood. It's a rewarding activity for youth and civic groups—and a beautiful way to welcome spring.

My favorite shapes for Chocolate Mint Cookies include the Fish cookie cutter, the Dragonfly cookie cutter, and the Duck cookie cutter.