Blog Recipe for a Naturally Fun Easter

Blog Recipe for a Naturally Fun Easter

By now you may have your Easter gathering well planned or are like me and tend to wait till last minute. A few things I have learned over the years for successful family gatherings is to make sure the kids have an activity and there is plenty of food, including dessert!

While mulling over what I wanted to do the other evening I saw a great segment on the news about a Vermont Company that makes all natural Easter Grass. Tim's Real Easter Basket Grass. This got the wheels turning. I am going to prepare an Easter Basket for each of the kids (including the 18 year old). The basket will have all the ingredients the kids need to decorate Easter Egg Cookie Place Cards for the guests.

While in Chicago visiting relatives recently I visited a bakery that offered a cut cookie in a paper bag with three zip lock bags. One had sprinkles in it, the other two, frostings of two different colors. The instructions were to squeeze the frosting into the corner of the zip lock bag. Cut the tip with scissors. Small for decorating, larger for just spreading the frosting. In addition to this, I am going to include in my basket a gift bag to put the finished cookie in with ribbon and a gift tag for them to write the name on. Based upon my guest list and ratio of kids to adults I calculate 3 cookies per basket, I will probably round that up to 4 so they have a spare.

Easter Cake

Ingredients for cookie decorating Easter Baskets:

Easter Grass
Zip Lock Bags
Easter Egg Sugar Cookies ( see our sugar cookie recipe or use one of your own)
Double batch of frosting dyed in 2 – 3 colors.
Pastel Sprinkles or decorating sugars
Clear Gift Bags
Gift Tags with hole punched in them. These can be cut out of construction paper or
unlined index cards.

That will cover the kids, the main course I have nailed down. For desert, I thought I would try a cake that one of our customers, Noelle DeSantis from Ella Vanilla designed using more of our Easter cookie cutters. She used Fondant to decorate with. That is becoming my new favorite food toy! I found a recipe online to make it at home. It's soooo much fun and better to work with than the store bought version. I made my own unique version that featured our Easter Bunny cookie cutters. Most of us will already have the ingredients in our kitchen. The picture of her cake is above and here is a link to the marshmallow fondant recipe she used.