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Blog Orange Cookies

Blog Orange Cookies

You see them everywhere in late summer, in fields, yards, and along roadsides—Black-Eyed Susans. These bright, daisylike flowers (also called Brown-Eyed Susans) are members of the Rudbeckia, or coneflower, family. Outdoors, they attract bees, butterflies, and children; indoors, they make an attractive and economical bouquet. The flowers last at least a week once cut.

It's perhaps not too surprising that this common, but pretty, wildflower with its striking color combination of golden yellow and dark chocolate brown would inspire an assortment of cakes and cookies. All use ingredients that approximate the colors of the flower; cakes tend to be of the orange-and-chocolate variety, while most cookies with this name feature a peanut butter-and-chocolate combination. I think the orange and chocolate pairing is worth re-creating in a cookie, and so this week's recipe is for a tender, slightly cakey orange cookie, topped with orange buttercream icing and accented by dark chocolate ganache. They're simple and homey, yet utterly appealing, just like their namesake flower. Enjoy!

My favorite shapes for Orange Cookies are the Flower cookie cutter, the Sun cookie cutter, and the Rubber Duckie cookie cutter.