Blog - Give Me Liberty... The New Liberty Bell Cookie Cutter

Blog - Give Me Liberty... The New Liberty Bell Cookie Cutter

Our longtime customer, Mariella Esposito of Fantes Kitchen Wares Shop wondered: could Ann Clark make a Liberty Bell cookie cutter?

Located in the heart of Philadelphia's historic Italian Market since 1906, Fantes is famous for its extensive line of kitchen wares and personal service. And on many levels, the Liberty Bell seemed like a perfect addition to the store's cookie cutter offering. Mariella noted,

"I live a couple of blocks from 'the' Liberty Bell and I'm always amazed at the hordes of people that daily stand in awe in front of it, as I was in awe at 20, when I chose to become a citizen. It is a reminder of the freedoms and opportunities this country offers its people."

Here at Ann Clark, the Liberty Bell shape sounded like a good idea. We even wondered why we hadn't made it before! In the space of two weeks the Liberty Bell travelled through design, production, and quality control to inventory. Plus, a sample was hand-delivered to Mariella at Fantes by our Promotional Sales Manager, John Romano, who was vacationing in the area. Just in time for Independence Day!

Liberty Bell Cookie Cutter

"We were surprised and happy that Ann Clark could make the Liberty Bell so quickly," Mariella said. "And I was happy to meet John. What a great guy!"

The truth is, Ann Clark is asked to consider many many shapes for new cookie cutters, and while we'd like to make most of them, we have to evaluate production feasibility, popularity, salability, investment cost and other business elements of the ideas. We're sure the Liberty Bell will be popular in Philadelphia and across the country, and we are thrilled to have made a customer's wish a reality.

In addition to our quick ability to add new shapes to our wholesale and consumer catalogs, Ann Clark is also capable of creating custom cookie cutters on a speedy timeline. If you would like to turn your logo, icon or unique design into a cookie cutter; or would like a stock shape in branded packaging for a corporate gift or giveaway, reach out to us for an estimate.