Blog Pecan Sandies

Blog Pecan Sandies

Summer is finally behaving like it is supposed to, giving us warm, sunny days that seem like an open invitation to pack up and hit the beach. Whether you drive to the ocean or head to a lake, get out and enjoy the cool water, hot sun, and sand between your toes, if you possibly can.

And if you want the perfect cookie to eat alongside some ice cream after a clam and lobster bake with corn, look no further than these pecan sandies, made in seashore shapes.

Pecan sandies are a more flavorful version of sand tarts, named for their light, crumbly texture. This recipe uses confectioner's sugar as well as granulated sugar, which makes them more tender and helps them hold their shape. I used a little less butter for these cookies, which allows the flavor of the pecans to shine—pecans have plenty of fat of their own, anyway. I like these cookies with enough salt to make its presence known (the slight saltiness reminds me of the beach), but you can use less if you prefer. Whatever you do, don't skip the step of toasting the pecans; it transforms their flavor from bland to rich, and gives them an almost maple-like flavor.

If you have a little extra time, you can dress these cookies up with a simple glaze, in ocean colors.

My favorite cookie cutters for Pecan Sandies are the Sailboat Cookie Cutter, Crab Cookie Cutter, Light House Cookie Cutter and Sea Shell Cookie Cutter.