Blog Pistachio Cookies

Blog Pistachio Cookies

In just a few weeks, the country will turn green, if only briefly, to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Here in the US, where the first Saint Patrick's Day parade was held, we go all out, dying bagels, beer, even major waterways the color of the Emerald Isle.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than 36 million Americans claim some Irish roots in their family tree (that's about eight times the population of Ireland, by the way). Of course, judging by the number of people who wear (or drink) a little something green on March 17, it could actually be true that everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

The "wearing of the green" started out as something much less showy, albeit more significant, than what people do today—at the turn of the 18th century in Great Britain, Irish patriots tucked a shamrock into their hatbands as a way to declare Irish pride. The shamrock, that symbol of Saint Patrick (who used its three leaves to teach the concept of the Holy Trinity), is a type of clover and a member of the pea family. Although clover is considered by some to be a weed, it's actually a lovely ground cover, and I look forward to seeing a blanket of graceful, dark green three-lobed leaves come spring.

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, while we wait for the snow to melt and the earth to turn naturally green, why not bake some edible shamrocks, made from a buttery pistachio-flavored dough?

My favorite shapes for Pistachio Cookies include the Shamrock cookie cutter, the Frog cookie cutter, and the Holly Leaf cookie cutter. Other popular St. Patrick's Day cookie cutters include the end of the rainbow, holy cross, and beer mug.