Blog Reading Allowed

Blog Reading Allowed

School has been out for a while and many of you with children may be hearing the summer lament, "there's nothing to do!" Of course this is prime time for outdoor activities and games, but don't forget your public library as a free source of fun for kids. Most libraries have reading programs, story hours, and activities designed to foster kids' appreciation of books throughout the summer. A child who loves to read will never be bored and will always be in good company—books feed the imagination and spark the desire to learn.

Ann Clark Reading to Kids

Last month, at the end of the school year, Rutland Northeast Primary School invited a handful of adults from the community to come and read to the students (kindergarten, first, and second grades), and I was glad to be one of those they asked. Each adult chose his or her own book to bring—I picked Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox because my own kids loved it when they were young. The book's hero, Mr. Fox, is a wily thief, but also a devoted husband and father who procures chickens, ducks, and turkeys for his family at the expense of three malevolent, and increasingly irate, farmers. A battle of wits ensues, and you can imagine who comes out the winner. Typical Dahl, the story is not all sweetness and light, but that's part of what makes it so much fun. My audience of about a dozen second-graders listened attentively to the story and asked a lot of questions about it afterward. I had a wonderful time reading to them, and I think it was good for them too, to see that adults, other than their teachers and parents, enjoy reading.

I hope I'm asked back again, but really, reading to just one child can be as rewarding as reading to a group. So if you find yourself at loose ends this summer, pick up a book, find a kid, and (re)discover the fun of reading aloud.