Blog A Reflection on Mother's Day

Blog A Reflection on Mother's Day

What did your mother teach you? Did she instill character, teach a skill, or make sure that you looked both ways before crossing the street? Ann Clark employees have learned a tremendous amount from our own moms, including: the value of volunteering; the proper way to count change; how to type and spell; how to have fun without spending much money, even disco dance …and the list goes on! It's amazing what they have been able to impart on us through the years.

This Mother's Day, in addition to the above, we fondly remember our moms teaching us how to bake cookies- preparing the dough and (at times) covering the kitchen with flour in the process!  In honor of those special memories, we'd like to celebrate all moms by "raising a cookie" to them. If you'd like to treat your mom, or the mother figure of your life, to some cookies, try the recipe below. My own mother passed down this Basic Sugar Cookie recipe, and it's a perennial favorite- ideal consistency, fabulous for cutting out shapes, and delicious to boot!

Our suggestions for shapes include: anything spring, butterfly, heart, star, or if your mom is into a particular hobby, you could use those cookie cutters- e.g. music notes for a music lover, watering can for a gardener, mason jars for a crafty lady, etc…

You can treat her like a queen even if you don't bake!  How about breakfast in bed? Our Pinterest page has  lots of collection of cute ideas - who could resist heart shaped pancakes or eggs in toast?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and mother figures out there, and kids- remember to visit, call, text, tweet, and/or send a card to your mom.