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Blog Rosemary Cornmeal Cookies

Blog Rosemary Cornmeal Cookies

There are a few herbs we typically think of as savory that are also surprisingly at home in sweet baked goods. Rosemary is one of these. Although it has an assertive, piney flavor, when used in small amounts and buffered by the presence of sugar and butter, rosemary's softer side comes out and it has a beguiling presence. Recipes for rosemary cookies abound—usually they're of the shortbread type, and they often include other Mediterranean flavors, such as pine nuts and lemon. Rosemary cookies are a popular addition to Christmas cookie platters and are often baked as holiday gifts or for cookie swaps. But the flavor of rosemary is just as welcome and appropriate in the spring and summer months. Rosemary is associated with memory, fidelity, and love, and since the Middle Ages, this fragrant herb has had its place in wedding celebrations.

This week's recipe pairs rosemary with cornmeal, a cornerstone of Northern Italian cooking since the 17th century, when corn was brought back to the Old Country from the New World. These buttery, savory-sweet cookies would make a lovely choice for a wedding dessert tray or wedding favors, or as part of an early summer picnic or cookout. Easy and quick to make (no need to chill the dough) these cookies add a special touch to any meal.

My favorite shapes for Rosemary Cornmeal Cookies are the Heart 'n Hand cookie cutter, the Tulip cookie cutter, and the Sun cookie cutter.