Blog Sugar and Spice Cookies

Blog Sugar and Spice Cookies

Did you put your rolling pin away after you finished that pie?

Time to take it out again, because with Thanksgiving behind us, it's officially holiday cookie-baking season. If your folder of favorite cookie recipes has room for one more, I think you'll like this week's recipe, flavored with modest amounts of warm, aromatic cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

For those times when plain sugar cookies just don't seem quite up to the task, but gingerbread cookies would be overpowering, these crisp and mildly spiced sugar cookies fit the bill. They work equally well when decorated with royal icing or, as I've done with these holly leaves, simply sprinkled with colored sugar.

My favorite shapes for Sugar and Spice Cookies include the Holly Leaf cookie cutter, the Reindeer cookie cutter, and the Sleigh cookie cutter.