Blog Summer Project for Kids

Blog Summer Project for Kids

I'm certain most parents out there understand the value of a well timed "project". We went to the arts and crafts bin and designed a Mobile made from soft modeling clay. The theme we selected was beach vacation but could easily be modified to fit your project. Using a collection of our cookie cutters, we fashioned 4 shapes to dangle and one as the "base". Ann went to work painting, conveniently using the cards she designed for a guide. This was a fun easy project and can be detailed or basic for any age to enjoy. For instructions on what we did read on...

You Will Need:

Synthetic Clay (vs a mineral clay, which is like stone when fired), that can be purchased at any craft store (we use Staedtler white) sections. Cookie Cutters Rolling Pin (or use your hands to press out) Skewer or Straw (used to create the hole you will use to assemble the Mobile) Twine, Yarn or Fishing Line

Summer Project for Kids

Peel a section of clay from it's brick and roll out to about 1/8" to 1/4" thickness. Press with your cookie cutter and repeat until all of your shapes are cut. Using the skewer or straw, cut the holes out on each shape. The shape you have selected as the "base" (we used our sun cookie cutter) will need however many pieces you have decided to dangle from your mobile. DON'T FORGET TO PUT HOLES INTO THE PIECES BEFORE BAKING! Bake according the instructions on the clay you have purchased. Paint them however you wish but use an acrylic paint. If you want, you can coat them with a polyurethane spray, which will protect them if they are hanging outside. Assemble, but stagger the length of the twine or string you use so that they are all visible. We put the sailboat and lighthouse up higher (they are above the ocean) and the shark and seabass lower (they are below the water)... Enjoy!!!

Tips: If you wish, you can make your own clay! It's super easy and another fun thing to do with kids! All you need is: 4 Cups of Flour, 1 cup of Salt, and 1 1/2 Cups of Water. Mix and follow the same process as above but make sure to coat your rolling pin and board with flour. Bake at 300 degrees for about an hour.