Blog Super Bowl Cookies

Blog Super Bowl Cookies

The Super Bowl is almost here and it's a fun event, whether you're a real football fan or just like a good party. The Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets in the A.F.C. Championship and, in a real nail-biter; the New Orleans Saints prevailed over the Minnesota Vikings in the third N.F.C. Championship game ever to be decided in overtime. The Colts have played in three Super Bowls, and have won two. But the Saints have never, in their 40-plus years of playing as a team, made it to the Big Game. So it should be an exciting contest.

Food-wise, Super Bowl parties aren't the time to be fancy or avant-garde. Beer, salty snacks, and hearty foods like chili and guacamole are perennial favorites for a reason—they're flavorful and fuss-free. Rolled cookies in football-related shapes can pull double duty as dessert and decoration. I'm no sports analyst, but from a cookie decorating perspective, this year's teams make a great match-up: In addition to footballs, football helmets, and jerseys, if you're a Saints fan you can use our Fleur de Lis cookie cutter. If you're rooting for the Colts, you can choose our Horse Head cookie cutter.

In honor of Miami, this year's Super Bowl host city, I gave this week's cookie recipe a bright citrus flavor by adding lime zest and juice, and topped the cookies with a tangy lime icing. If you don't want to take the time to re-create the team colors and logos, simply bake the cookies and spread the icing on. Either way, they'll disappear before you can yell "Touchdown!"

My favorite shapes for Zesty Lime Cookies include the T Shirt cookie cutter, the Football cookie cutter, the Football Helmet cookie cutter, the Fleur de Lis cookie cutter and the Horseshoe cookie cutter.