Blog - Superhero of Sweets - Hani Bacova

Blog - Superhero of Sweets - Hani Bacova

Nobody puts the "Super" in our "Superhero of Sweets" quite like Hani Bacova – better known as the creative genius behind Haniela's.

In this "Superhero of Sweets" blog, we will give you the scoop on Hani and her incredible talent. We hope you find inspiration from her work and story.

How did you get started in cookie decorating?

I have always loved crafting and baking. One Christmas, in 2008 I stumbled upon a cookie magazine that featured some pretty decorated cookies on the cover. It inspired me to try my hand at cookie decorating and so I hand crafted my first decorated cookies. Cookie decorating is not just about baking cookies but I get to design cookies, too. It was a perfect match for me.

What is your training in baking and cookie decorating?

Cantaloupe Cookies

Photo courtesy of Haniela's. Shape used Biscuit Cutter.

I am a self taught baker and decorator.

Do you have a signature style for cookie decorating?

Lavender Plaque Cookies

Photo courtesy of Haniela's. Shape used Plaque Cookie Cutter.

I love fine, delicate lines, repetitive motives and lots of dots.

Do you have a favorite decorating tip you can share?

I often get asked about red and black royal icing and how to achieve it. I prepare my deep colors ahead of time, at least 12 hours and even up to several days in advance. Resting time allows color to mature, it eliminates excessive use of food coloring and often helps with bleeding issues, too. To make black royal icing I add about 1 tbl of dark cocoa powder per 1 cup of icing and then I add Super Black food coloring just until icing is dark gray. Same with red I only add Red food coloring until icing is dark pink. Then I let the icing rest. I don't thin the icing with water until I'm ready to use it.

If you've used Ann Clark Cookie Cutters in projects, can you describe the shape you've used and how you've used it?

Unicorn Head Cookies

Photo courtesy of Haniela's. Shape used Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter.

I've used numerous Ann Clark Cookie Cutters in the past. One of my favorites include Plaque Cookie Cutter. I used it to make Lavender Eiffel Tower Cookies, and also a Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter, I really love how the Unicorn Cookies turned out.

Can you share any trends in cookies you envision in the near future?

I think we'll see more painting on cookies, imperfect textures adorned with beautiful piped designs, naked cookies with only few edible decorations, metallics, florals and emojis.

How has social media influenced your cookie decorating?

Do you mean the fact that I'm addicted to Instagram? Just kidding. Being active on social media made me more aware of trends. I wasn't paying much attention to trends before, now I try to incorporate them into my cookie designs.

How do you get inspired for creating new designs?

Tomato Cookies

Photo courtesy of Haniela's. Shape used Biscuit Cutter Cookie Cutter.

Inspiration comes to me in many forms. From fabrics designs, stickers, fashion, jewelry, architecture, it's literally everywhere.

I love looking at paint swatches at the hardware stores to get a sense of color combinations that could work together on a cookie.

Fun Facts:

Favorite decorating tool:

Smoothing tool / needle tool.

Favorite cookie cutter shape:

That's easy. I have 2 actually: the heart cookie cutter and cupcake cookie cutter.

Favorite decorator who inspires you:

It's impossible to mention just one, cookie community is full of talented artists that I look up to. From Sweet Sugar Belle, Montreal Confections, Rosey Sugar, Arty McGoo, Cookie Architect, SweetAmbs to mention a few.

Cookier Handle: