Blog - Superhero of Sweets - LilaLoa

Blog - Superhero of Sweets - LilaLoa

Your friendly neighborhood cookie decorator...

We have had the tremendous pleasure of collaborating with incredibly talented cookie decorators (referred to as "cookiers") who have seemingly magical abilities to transform their cookies into works of fine art. Perhaps you've seen their creations on the Ann Clark Facebook page or within our website. These women each put a unique spin on cookie decorating, and their creations are so beautiful, complex, detailed, and elegant, we'd almost feel guilty eating the cookies!

With that in mind, we present a series of cookiers' profiles. In each "Superhero of Sweets" blog, you'll learn about a particular cookier's style, influences, favorite tool, and more. We hope you find inspiration for your current or next project within these blogs, and we hope you'll enjoy getting to know these cookiers as much we have! We're still trying to figure out if they're superhuman...

Next up is incredible Georganne Bell, popularly known as LilaLoa, whose strong pop art inspired style is instantly recognizable.

How did you get started in cookie decorating?

I actually started my life of sugar arts with decorated cakes. My husband was deployed and I had endless time on my hands. Then I moved to South Korea and my oven was too small for even a 9X13 pan! Cakes were pretty much out, so I moved over to the cookie side of the sugar world and never looked back.

What is your training in baking and cookie decorating?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cookies

Photo courtesy of LilaLoa. Shapes used Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I am a proud graduate of YouTube University... and blogs and all social media cookie tutorials!

Do you have a signature style for cookie decorating?

Cloud Cookies

Photo courtesy of LilaLoa. Shape used Cloud.

I like lots of saturated colors and I also kind of like to make my cookies look old and dirty. I don't know why. I probably should see someone about that.

Do you have a favorite decorating tip you can share?

Honestly, it's not so much about cookies... don't stress so much about perfection or decorating just like someone else. You do you. Decorate how you want to, how you FEEL like decorating. And if it doesn't work out like you want it to... try it again another time.

If you've used Ann Clark Cookie Cutters in projects, can you describe the shape you've used and how you've used it?

Robot Cookies

Photo courtesy of LilaLoa. Shape used Robot.

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters are pretty much in all the pies these days. I think most people are using them without even realizing it!

Can you share any trends in cookies you envision in the near future?

I think bows are becoming super popular. I think we'll see a lot more of those. And I'm really hoping that "SIMPLE" is going to be the new complicated.

How has social media influenced your cookie decorating?

It keeps me going! I love connecting and building relationships with other decorators. I love seeing the way they re-invent a design or come up with solutions to problems. Social media is like a swimming pool of cookie decorating brains. I love it!

How do you get inspired for creating new designs?

Birthday Cookies

Photo courtesy of LilaLoa. Shape used Balloon.

Everywhere you look there are colors and shapes and patterns! Clothes, decorations, pages in a magazine, gardens in your neighborhood... the world is out there. Some people just see it in sugar form.

Fun Facts:

Favorite decorating tool:

Couplers and tips. I know the whole world is going to the "tipless" side of the aisle, but I just can't leave my couplers and tips. I love them. And they love me. I'm not walking away from a healthy relationship like that.

Favorite cookie cutter shape:

Umm... all of them?! Why would you ask such a thing? I'm a lover.

Favorite decorator who inspires you:

I love the way that Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle uses JUST ENOUGH detail to make a design pop, without completely over complicating it. And I'm kind of obsessed with the way that Jill of Jill FCS uses color to define her designs. Also... they are two of the kindest women I have ever met. And that inspires me too.

Cookier Handle: