Blog Sweet Treat To Beat The Heat

Blog Sweet Treat To Beat The Heat

As we were perusing our new found addiction, Pinterest, we came across a coffee mug with a peppermint stick hanging off the side. Naturally we thought what a great place for a cookie! This idea can be used with a multitude of drinks, shapes and recipes… we chose Ice Tea and milk shakes as it's unbelievable hot right now. We've listed the recipes for the cookies below, after cutting out, simply cut an additional rectangular notch into the cookie before baking and after you cut the shape. This is how the cookie hangs off of your glass. When making the notch consider your glass, the shape of the cookie and how you want it to hang, this will dictate how deep or wide you cut your rectangle.

Milk Shake

Sweet Ice Tea w/ Ann's Lemon Cookies

Milk Shakes w/ Ann's Sugar Cookies