The Ever Versatile Circle Cookie

The Ever Versatile Circle Cookie

Is there any shape more versatile than the circle cookie cutter (or as we refer to it, Biscuit Cutter)? It's one of the few shapes that is truly limitless. Chances are, if you're preparing for an occasion, there's a way to decorate a Circle cookie for it. The only boundary you have is where the dough ends! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use any one of our several sizes of Biscuit Cookie Cutters. They are just about guaranteed to bring smiles and compliments to the baker!


Beach Ball and Smiley Face Cookies
  • Smiley face (ideal for kids) - Great for birthdays, lunches, special achievements, or just because!
  • Character face - A face from a favorite TV show (Sesame Street, perhaps?) or movie (e.g. Monsters Inc)
  • Emojis - They're not just for texting! Display a wide range of emotions with these cookies.


Sport Cookies

Baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, cricket…any sport that uses a ball (or other round equipment- hockey pucks included) can be represented by our Biscuit cookie cutters! These cookies will be a fun treat to bring to an end of season banquet, viewing party, or any occasion that calls for sports-themed cookies. See our images for decorating examples.

Picture Frame

Similar to the Plaque shapes, a Circle could be used as a picture frame. "Frame" a child's artwork, a scenic landscape, or a portrait.


Make your cookies look like donuts, fruit (e.g. the inside of a lemon or lime- perfect for summer), candy (peppermint or lollipops), etc.


For a wedding or baby shower, graduation, birthday, anniversary, or any other milestone, use a Circle cookie cutter for cookies to cherish the moment.

  • Wedding - Decorate cookies with couple's initials
  • Baby shower - Decorate with animals, foot/hand prints, or initials of the baby-to-be
  • Birthday - Write the age of the recipient (this will probably be better received by children than adults)
  • Anniversary - Put the number of years married or a portrait of the couple


Criss-cross, stripes, polka dots, tie-dye…to name a few! A pattern decoration can be simple or intricate.


  • Clock face- especially for an analog clock
  • Coin
  • Button
  • Frisbee

For even more wacky and cool ideas, visit our Pinterest page.

Cookies decorated by A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe.