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Blog Woodland Park Zoo Penguin Custom Cookie Cutter

Blog Woodland Park Zoo Penguin Custom Cookie Cutter
Woodland Park Zoo Penguin Custom Cookie Cutter

Humboldt penguins are found along the coasts of Peru and Chile in the Humboldt Current. This current flows northward along the West Coast of South America, bringing low salinity and nutrient-rich water from Antarctica. The Humboldt penguin lives on rocky mainland shores, especially near cliffs, or on coastal islands. They are 15-18 inches high and weigh approximately nine pounds. Their lifespan is approximately 20 years in the wild. They eat fish, especially anchovies, herring, and smelt.

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle wanted to offer a give-away for the grand opening of their new Humboldt Penguin Exhibit. Their promotional products distributor contacted Ann Clark Cookie Cutters to help with this promotion. We created a penguin-shaped cookie cutter with an attached custom recipe card that included their logo and a sugar cookie recipe courtesy of the zoo's new food service partner, Lancer Catering.