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Custom-Blue Apron/Hulu Cookie Cutter

Custom-Blue Apron/Hulu Cookie Cutter
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Blue Apron/Hulu Cookie Cutter
Custom-Penguin Cookie Cutter
Blue Apron's name is a homage to chefs worldwide who wear blue while learning their trades. It is also a symbol of life-long learning, which is appropriate, as Blue Apron is a food subscription service that caters to the everyday home cook! This service delivers weekly packages of ingredients and recipes for specialized home-cooked meals. Subscribers have numerous options for cuisines, and all the necessary ingredients are included in the box.

Hulu, a subscription internet streaming service, wanted to promote their release of the documentary "March of the Penguins 2," so they joined forces with Blue Apron and approached their distributor to formulate a plan. We worked with the distributor to put together a Penguin cookie cutter with a Hulu/Blue Apron card, to be placed in Blue Apron subscription boxes. Each card included a Blue Apron Sugar Cookie recipe, company info, and a tidbit about the release. It also encouraged families to have a "family night in" with Blue Apron & Hulu. March on, penguins!
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