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Custom-Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Cookie Cutters

Custom-Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Cookie Cutters
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The Powerpuff Girls, on the Cartoon Network, are three kindergarten-age sisters who were created by Professor Utonium when he accidentally mixed a mysterious substance called "Chemical X" with sugar & spice. The girls regularly save their city of Townsville from countless villains, including Mojo Jojo ad Fuzzy Lumpkins, with Buttercup as their leader. Buttercup is the tough fighter who's all about action. When she and her sisters aren't battling evil forces, they deal with typical childhood challenges like school and sibling rivalry.

The Cartoon Network wanted a giveaway to promote the Powerpuff Girls, so we made custom cookie cutters in the shapes of each of the characters. Each character had her own corresponding card with a recipe. Girl Power!
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