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Custom-Sub Zero Wolf Cookie Cutter

Custom-Sub Zero Wolf Cookie Cutter
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Custom Sub Zero Wolf Cookie Cutter
Custom Sub Zero Wolf Snowflake Logo  Cookie Cutter
Custom Sub Zero Wolf Flame Custom Cookie Cutter
Sub-Zero Wolf is comprised of two divisions: Sub-Zero, which sells high-end home refrigeration appliances, and Wolf, which caters to home cooks and draws inspiration from commercial kitchens. Both arms of the company produce appliances that are more specialized than the average home appliance; for example, they've developed a system that uses NASA-inspired technology for the air filtration in their refrigerators.

Sub-Zero Wolf asked us to create two custom cutters in the likeness of their logos, the Snowflake and Flame, which represent the fridges & freezers as well as the stovetops, coffee makers, and other heat-related appliances.
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